Saturday, March 19, 2011


Setelah sembilan belas hari tak balik.....i'm missing every one in my family especialy my husbannnndddd...ngeee (ngade2 betol padahal everyweek kot dtg P.alam nie) I'm not a homesick tapi i'm a family-sick. and yes sissy also havent gone back for few weeks...rasenye lagi lame kot but she never mind that.. she is sooo sooooo occupied that she forgot she had ayah and mak, asking me every week when you little sister gonna come will i know..Last Friday kitorang pun cepat2 balik....and maybe semua orang pun rindu kitorang...yeayyy..then mcm bese makan besar kat Mohd Chan...enjoy da pic!!!

With my mom

dad with lil sissy

fayyadh addicted to gf-sms-syndrome

and them again.. =)

my big and lil bro with my lil sissy

pelahap punya anak dara!!

and with my beloved husband =)

p/s: Malam kang nak tengok merong for the 2nd time...with hubby and bro and sis!

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