Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping a museum..~

Just quick note before doozing off.. tonight i tidied up my bedroom.. look like i'm not using my room after all as the pengantin room. Mom would prefer fayyadh's room as his room is much smaller than mine so it'll suit for only two person....still, need to discard all not-going-to-use-anymore stuffs. i already pack 'unacceptable' baju kurung, shirts, and so sooo much more. mom is going to give them away~ he he he but yesss of course i wont forget my hantaran. already completed one box's decoration. small brownish basket-box ~ i turned it into cute creamy-green small box with span inside it. for the time being, i'm thinking to place handphone inside it~ or maybe will suit better!!~ yay!! 9 more to go...gagagaga why girl must gives hantaran to boy  more than the boy give to the girl?shouldnt it be like,boy wanted girl,then he's the one who should please the girl with lot of gifts...that is how it was suppose to be!! unfair!  gagagaga..ok lah sleepy already!nite!

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