Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Day..~

It's already tuesday..goshh..only few days left....and then i'll be back at PUNCAK ALAM. I hate school days especially TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ~ I guess i can't help it ~ I HATE MARKETING especially with all those stupid so-called-group-assignment. Doesn't make any sense.why should we spend money on ONE side-course? is he going to cover us up financially or what? i don't think so..he's taking advantage on us that's it ~ we'll do his job ...promoting his not-so-famous-archery-club. I think most students will agree with me..its not that he is BAD though. He is close to bad.. He even say that if we want high marks, then we should not resist to spend big money. its just like we buy grades from him. Good marketing i suppose. He is just practising it.

Okey, never mind him. He is just one small little topic in one of my small little chapter. Doesn't even fit into my table of content. Just now i only need a quick peek into the internet, browsing over nice pictures and comments from friends.. while waiting for my dad. We are all going to nilai 3 to look for stuffs or maybe buy few things for my hantaran. and then he start making us waiting..like 183 hours so here am i, writing to myself again. Nothing special today though. it's still in the afternoon. maybe i'll write again when i'm back at home from Nilai.

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