Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Mom..emak...Umi..mama...Ibu...mummy...

Dear my mom..

Happy _5_ birthday..

I'm not sure whether it's 53 or 35 ?

May be you should sms me your ic number

then only i know how old are you

Because your looks makes me confused
are you that old?

and it also cannot be you're 10

when you're delivering me

But what i am sure of is that...

TODAY is the day you were born

53 years ago...

and TODAY is the same day 

you and ayah got married

29 years ago


Happy 53rd Birthday and 29th Anniversary!!

I love you both mak and ayah..

Thanks for everything you both have done for me


I'm so sorry i'm not at home to celebrate it with both of you..

I will always pray for your health and success

love from me..

..mommy's metformin and daddy's simvastatin..

(Ignore product sampingan yg tak berkualiti di sebelah kiri and)

Thanks for everything you have done during my wedding preparation mom!! love ya!!

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